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Freight shippers use freight brokers because they can negotiate freight shipping rates. Distance, travel time, and load all factor into the shipping rate and as with any business. As with other businesses, the amount of products purchased or shipping does make a difference. Freight brokers understand this philosophy and many have established long term relationships with numerous carriers who can save shippers both time and money. To read more on this click here: Freight Shipping Rates

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Commercial freight companies offer many different types of services to transport goods for their customers such as Supply Chain Management, airfreight, ocean freight, truck, and by rail. Manufactures receive fast shipping, outstanding customer service, and the elimination of many headaches from having to handle problems that arise is shipping orders themselves.
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What are LTL freight shipments?
LTL or Less Than Load is when the shipment is not large enough to fill a standard-sized trailer. A major portion of the world's shipping is LTL shipments. The reason for this is because it is impractical for an entire trailer to be dedicated for a short load when by combining loads has proven to be both efficient and profitable. Read more



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